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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 3, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> mike: million dollars quartet. ather show on the after the show show. >> gretchen: i'm going to have to see the show on broadway. have a fabulous holiday weekend. peter, mike, thank you so much. see you later. bill: good morning, everybody. he's not finished and not by a long shot. hurricane earl. so much for a day at the beach. this thing will be hanging around for hours if not days. for certain today and a good part of saturday. then we see what's left over. what comes up is a huge storm we are watching it for for a week. martha: we have hurricane warnings, we have tropical storm warnings. we have advisories. any one of those would get a lot of attention as we take a look at this hurricane and it's stretching up the eastern
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seaboard. everybody needs to be alert in these areas. bill: fox coverage from our extreme weather center temperature janice dean has been working all night. steve centanni is in ocean city, maryland. he camped out there last night. what's it like there, jonathon in kill devil hills? >> reporter: i think i'm getting my punishment for all the sunny days i have gotten at the beach. you can see the hasty surf and driving rain. the storm was probably at its worst at 3:00 in the morning. but we are continuing to get some strong gusts in the wake of the storm which continues on this northword direction. bill: you have been experiencing those winds for eight hours. this could go for hours more,
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jonathon? >> reporter: that's entirely possible. after daybreak we drove out to assess the damage. we saw localized flooding. heavy rains continue to cause flooding on highway 12. also ripping aluminum siding and tearing shingles off the roofs of some of the houses and businesses. but worst part of the storm, the category 2 force winds fortunately remain well out at sea. what we have been experiencing were tropical storm force winds and causing a little bit of damage over these island communities. very few power outages. we kept power and no significant outages reported. they had utility trucks stage at various areas along the outer banks so they can repair damage
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reports. >reports. bill: how were the evacuations? how did they go? >> reporter: they went extremely well. there were mandatory evacuations for non-residents. most residents decided to stay in their homes. but they stocked up on supplies in case they got the power knocked out. but that's not going to become an issue' the bridges are still open, the major highways are still open. so city was what many residents describe as a good dry run for the next major hurricane. bill: let's hope another one doesn't come. how did you and your crew take care overnight. >> reporter: we worked through late last night. then we went back to our hotel and hunkered down. it was a pretty sturdy structure so we were okay. as the storm came in in the
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middle of the night crews went out to get some video. that's where we saw the minor structural damage, the shingles, the siding and minor flooding. bill: you covered a lot of these hurricanes. so often we don't know what the ultimate extent of damage is until that storm is there and gone. they are so unpredictable in the end. folks up the coast, what did they have to look forward to in the coming day. >> reporter: folks up the coast, if they sustain a glancing blow they can expect what we saw here, the minor flooding. shingles ripped off of roofs and siding ripped off buildings. if the storm were to jog to the west and one of these coastal communities were to take a direct hit, they could potentially experience hurricane-force winds and a more
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dangerous situation. these storms very unpredictable. that's why it's so important to take these no cautions in advance. people here took those precautions. while they may not have needed them to the fullest extent, i don't think you will talk to anyone who regrets going to the store and stocking up on supplies and boarding up just in case the storm had take and more westward path. bill: let us know how things change throughout the morning. jonathan serrie is there at kill devil hills in north carolina. martha: from new york up to new england were expecting strong winds that could cause a lot of damage and injuries as well. fox filliate reporter andy fox filed this report.
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check it out. >> reporter: we have 45-55-mile-per-hour gusting winds. this is the most severe wind we have had so far. the sand is kick up. we have the surf. when just had a big wave couple and crash on the sand banks. that's the latest from here. highway 12 closed at bonner bridge. i think the wind just blew out my contact. it's in my eye but it's not on my eye. martha: hate it when that happens. make the best of a tough situation. when it goes from a 4 to a 2, people say, gee. and we have seen a tropical storm turn into a 2 hurricane. it's a very big deal. bill: we are waiting for a category 5 hurricane off the coast of jacksonville.
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in the hours before it strikes it drops from a 5 to a 2. we think the danger is past. it moves up the coast to north carolina and hangs there for a week and floods every town in the eastern half of north carolina. that's how unpredictable they can be. steve centanni in ocean city. we saw you late last night. how are things today? >> reporter: good morning. it's raining and windy. people are out for their morning strolls, grabbing breakfast and looking for the big show. the atlantic ocean churning up pretty good. we have huge believes. we'll show you some of the giant waves with a plume blowing up the top in that stiff wind. we have winds up some 30 miles an hour. the winds are expected to pick up later on today. authorities have advising people to stay off the beach.
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there is no reason to be down here. the surf conditions are obviously dangerous. they are obviously deadly. you don't want to get in there until later on today, tonight, possibly tomorrow. after this storm passes they should he good weather for the labor day weekend. so far no storm damage, no wires down, no bridges closed. no evacuation, no flooding. we expect more rain and the winds should pick up so the danger is not over yet. bill: north carolina will have this in its rearview mirror soon. bill: in new jersey and long island new york they will feel the winds and the hurricane will bring the potential for flooding on the cape in massachusetts. state of imagine in rhode island. we are in chatham, massachusetts as they brace for earl. category 2.
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that's a big storm and a big hurricane that can do a lot of damage. martha: the spot where we have been watching all those great whites this summer. don't put yourself in danger. if you have pictures of the storm, however, log on to our web site. you can upload the videos. click on "you report" and we'll put some of those on the air. it helps us stay safe. this fox news alert. some more storms are brewing in the employment numbers today. here we go. just moment ago our latest snapshot of how things look. unemployment is up. it nched up 1/10 -- it inched up 1/10%. 9.6% unemployment in this
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country. >> reporter: it's bad news but not as bad as predict. here is the negative news. as you point out, the unemployment rate went up to 9.6% and there was a net 54,000 loss of jobs in the economy. there are a couple positives. we created 67,000 private sector jobs in the month of august. there is, however, a long-term economic and political negative buried in these numbers. 550,000 people came back into the workforce. they didn't all find jobs. that's why the unemployment rate went up. if more people keep coming back into the economy in the coming months the rate will go up for. that's an economic and political problem. martha: we have been talking about the inflated employment number. if they are coming back in at least they are seeing some sign of encouragement there might be
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something out there for them. >> reporter: if they can't find jobs it has the unfortunate effect of raising the unemployment rate. martha: we'll see what the president had to say, 10:00. he's going to roll out a new plan. varney and co coming up. bill: you think the battle over immigration in arizona was big. it to charge the governor's races in states across the country. your state might be one of them. martha: a journalist duking it out on twitter. what went down and who was involved? bill: earl is thrashing north carolina and virginia. a tourist destination and one of the biggest weekends of the year -- >> if you don't have some go
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bill: back to earl in a moment. 23 states are making immigration a big campaign issue in their governors race. take a look at this map. it's happening in the bluest of the blue states and the reddest of the red. this from republican candidate for governor rick scott. >> we have to make sure the federal government secures our borders. i don't believe in amnesty. i believe we need to bring the arizona law here. bill: how you doing, shane? good morning to you.
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massachusetts, florida, arizona. the map keeps growing. what's going on. >> this is not just happening in border states. states that deal with immigration day if and day out. weir seeing this as a major issue where there is a republican senate primary going on and immigration has become the number one issue there. this is an issue that is energizing republican voters like a lot of things are in the runup to 2010. and you increasingly have republican candidates taking hard line positions vowing to pass arizona-style laws should they get elected. bill: steve king says this topic come ups at every town hall meeting and every moment he's with voters. they are talking about immigration in iowa. >> in the governor's race
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bransted has proposed a similar law. this is happening everywhere. what you have seen in the context also is some republican primaries, particularly recently in the state of florida. if you have got republican candidates trying to outflank one another when it comes to their stance on immigration. you saw sit between vick scott and bill mm column in florida. while it's energizing republicans it stands to divide democrats and put democratic candidates in a tough position. bill: the polls are in favor of the republican candidates pushing for this whether it's arizona or other states. you find strong support for a crackdown on immigration. the critics would argue you need a federal policy. what does the obama administration do if you have 20
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states fighting this out like we see in arizona. >> that's the next big question after november. when you look at state of play in 2010 elections, where republican gubernatorial candidates are in favor an arizona-style law, just look at the polls, many of these candidates stand to win in november. so what happens after that? if they pass these laws what does the obama administration doing? is the department of justice suing additional states over implementation of these laws? then what do the states do? bill: what you lay out there is a scenario which tells us this issue will still be big in 2011 long after november. thanks for coming in today, shane. we have breaking news on the storm, so thank you out of washington. martha: double trouble in the gulf. a new fire breaks out on an oil
9:19 am
platform. there is a human chain on the water. what a story of rescue this is. folks on the gulf are worried and what it may need for the drilling in this hard-hit area. bill: fourize on earl in this camera. we have crews waiting and watching and feeling earl. we'll go to the hurricane center in miami, florida and get scene update 3 minutes away. "america's newsroom."
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bill: it's the biggest story of the day, the biggest story of the week. moment ago out of north
9:23 am
carolina, craig filed this. >> reporter: it died down somewhat. we get intermittent gusts of wind. can you imagine if this had been a direct hit, it would be a different story, we probably wouldn't be standing up on this deck moving up -- the storm moving up the coastline trying to get in the back end of it. i'm looking at some of the structures and i don't see the shingles missing off the roof. now that we have some light the people who have decided to stay can stick their heads out the door and see if they have any water damage that may have lost a window or two. certainly got spared the major force of this. but certainly sit could have bench worse. still getting the occasional tropical storm * force wind
9:24 am
gusts through here. as i said earlier i'll probably hold onto this railing just in case. bill: north carolina dodged a bullet for the most part. what happens in virginia, maryland, the state of new york and massachusetts later tonight. keep it right here live at the hurricane center. martha: folk living near the gulf are breathing a see you of relief. they are saying yesterday's oil rig explosion just led to a fire. there was no leak of oil anyone has been able to detect. the explosion happening off the platform a hundred miles from the coast. all 13 employees escaped the flames by diving into the water. adam housely is live in new orleans with the latest on this
9:25 am
story for us. hey, adam. >> reporter: we flew over vermillion bay while covering the deepwater horizon oil rig. one thing to consider is this oil platform -- it wasn't actively digging into the sea bed it was extracting. the good news is this hour the coast guard continues to manner to the area and they have not found any leaks. initial reports were there was a sheen in the water. but at this hour it looks like they dodged a bullet in the gulf. martha: what can you tell us about this rescue. these pictures are so amazing of these men in the water forming a human chain. >> reporter: the security system is very regimented. they go through it every day. when they could not get to their life boats and they couldn't get to all the vests, they put on -- there were 12 vests for 13 men.
9:26 am
all 13 jumped into the water and formed that linkage and 12 men held up the other man who did not have a vest for two hours until they were plucked out by a coast guard helicopter. you can see the video of the helicopter landed one of the best sights of the day was to see those men walk off the helicopter without any help. one of them has a birthday party to make on saturday for one of this children. that will be quite the party come tomorrow. martha: what a good ending for those men. we are so happy they were rescued safely and on their way home. it's incredible. bill: we are on storm watch. hurricane earl approaching new england. we'll talk live with th live --k live with the national hurricane center in a moment.
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some symptoms of low blood sugar are shaking, sweating and rapid heartbeat. call your doctor if you have an allergic reaction like rash, hives or swelling of the face, mouth or throat. ask your doctor if you also take a tzd as swelling in the hands, feet or ankles may worsen. blood tests will check for kidney problems. you may need a lower dose of onglyza if your kidneys are not working well or if you take certain medicines. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about adding onglyza. extra help. extra control. you may be eligible to pay $10 a month with the onglyza value card program. bill: okay, 9:30 in new york and fox news weather alert, want to let you tpwhaoe we're seeing with earl on the map behind us, category two storm off the coast of virginia, right along that carolina-virginia border, it's going to scrape the entire east coast, that means delaware, new jersey, new york, connecticut, rhode island, off into maine and
9:31 am
nova scot kwrarbgs category two storm, still packing a punch, 100 miles an hour winds. if that comes into your community, and you've got some trees outside, the trees come down, the power line comes down and you don't know how long you'll be stuck without electricity. bill reeves, director of the national hurricane center in miami, good morning to you. as earl stands now, what concerns you? >> well, the only think really concerns me right now is it's been so well behaved , the forecast track and the actual track have met much met spot on and people are taking that as if that's a given all the time and as you well know, mother nature doesn't always roll the dice straight down that line. so we still have some concerns, but we'll have a direct impact on nantucket, martha's vineyard and cape cod as the hurricane goes by. in general, though, it's a well-behaved system, it's entering the westerlies and the evolution of the next
9:32 am
few hours, we're fairly confident of. bill: you could direct impact on parts of massachusetts. what does direct impact mean at this point, bill? >> well, in all likelihood, tropical storm conditions will occur over much of southern new england, overnight tonight into the early morning hours tomorrow. the storm is really going to be moving fast, so it won't last for a long time but the close proximity of where we're forecasting the center to the cape and nantucket, given the conditions that vary in a storm, could easily experience 70, 80-mile an hour winds overnight as the storm center passes through there. bill: got to tell you, martha and i were talking earlier, i remember floyd in '99 in jacksonville, i remember ivan about seven, eight years ago in mobil, alabama, no one knew what the storms could do right before they hit land and that is the difficult part about your job. they can still be unpredictable. i think a lot of people look at this storm and think it
9:33 am
was a category four at this point yesterday, okay, the power has been cut in half, 24 hours later down to a category two. you still do not know what this storm can do. >> right. and the minor deviation, there's such a major difference. you talked about ivan, 12 hours before landfall, we thought the eye of it would mainly affect extreme western panhandle in the mobil bay area, took a slight jog to the east and a maj of impact -- major impact on pensacola and people were caught by surprise, when in fact that's why we have hurricane warnings that extend beyond a point on a map. there is that level of unpredictability in science that allows us to deviate 20 or 30 miles right up to the end of the track. bill: you guys have been spot on in the following way. you told us when it would turn north and it did. you nailed that. >> sometimes i feel like we need to apologize for having a good forecast because
9:34 am
we're afraid people will expect that every time, but in this case, science came together and worked very well for us. bill: bill, thank you again for your -- for your time, we'll check in later, 1 miles an hour, category two storm, earl marching up the east coast. go to"america's newsroom", click on the bya box. bill reeves has been great, too, for us by the way. so has janice dean! hemmer,, also twitter me, bill hemmer. martha: we're trying to figure out what's going on here, and a state of emergency exists in massachusetts right now, hurricane earl is expected to batter cape cod, utility crews are gearing up for power outages. when you look at the map, at the very, very corner of the elbow of cape cod that sticks out there into the oerbgs it's one of the most beautiful places in the country, and that is where emergency officials are calling for voluntary evacuations right now.
9:35 am
peter doocy is live in chatham. peter, i know exactly where you are, on light house beach, i know the area very well. talk about what folks are seeing there, what they expect tonight. >> martha, there is a state of emergency in massachusetts and the beaches are closed to swimmers but right now it's pretty nice out. it's about 70 degrees and the waves are quiet, but they are expecting a visit from earl later on today and they're thinking he's going to bring with him hurricane-force heupbdz, several inches of rain, and some huge surf right here in chatham, which you just pointed out is a part of massachusetts that jets out into the atlantic ocean. now, if winds reach 70 miles an hour or more, the army corps of engineers is planning on shutting down the bridges to and from cape cod, which means that nobody will be getting on or off the cape, and there are no mandatory evacuations in place, but people are running out of time to decide if they want to ride the storm out in their homes or head further inland, martha. martha: i mean, we all remember the perfect storm
9:36 am
and other bad storms that have hit that area that changed the sort of structure of the sand and the lines out there. are folks leaving, or are those fishermen and those tough new englanders staying put? >> reporter: for the most part t. seems like people are staying. they had a lot of notice, they've been seeing it on tv and in the newspapers all week long, that the storm was heading their way, but like you said, they have the tough new england attitude where they feel take they've seen bigger blizzards and noreasters, and we heard if the power goes out a lot of people plan to go to a bar, because they have a generator and it's friday night in the summer on the cape. martha: i'm going to keep that in mind tonight, because i'm heading up there myself. peter doocy, thank you very much. in chatham, it's an area that gets hit all the time but it sticks out there in the atlantic ocean. we'll see what happens tonight. bill: remember, the last big
9:37 am
hurricane to slam new england, category two when it made landfall, $2 billion in damage from north carolina to new england, 18 people killed from hurricane bon bob. there will be no more storms named after bob. that was retired. take a look, this is how hard it hit new england in 1991. roll this: >> that's north carolina where bob started, right? in 1991, guess where the hemmer family was? for hurricane bob? martha: in north carolina. bill: we were in north carolina in our beach house, huddled in there. we rode the storm out. it was not a fun night. martha: that's the way it is in chatham, massachusetts and it also hit in chatham, massachusetts that year, bringing those boats up. we have amazing pictures from what happened during hurricane bon bob. we'll see what happens
9:38 am
tonight. fox news, of course, is closely monitoring the latest news on all of this, this powerful hurricane that is barreling toward new england, tracking the developments, the tracks, how wide it is, the cone. you can really get everything if you log on to and click on our home page, it takes you all through the different dynamics of what may happen, what time things are expected to happen and that will keep you posted on everything there. bill: we won't leave earl now. but there is other news in the economy, a new survey that show employers are passing off health insurance cost toss employees at a higher rate this year. kaiser family foundation, the health research and educational trust finds that employees, it costs 14 percent already, good news in that, though, premiums are paid by the employer and the employee rose only 3 percent for a family plan. that is considered the slowest rate of growth in ten years. we like that. martha: we do.
9:39 am
republican arizona governor jan brewer speaking about an awkward moment during the gubernatorial debate, when she paused before carrying on with her thought. here's brewer's comment on it. >> well, that was -- that was the longest seconds of my life at one time. you know, it was a brain freeze. you know, i just -- i'm human and i just blanked out. you know, i was grateful that i recovered. martha: we'll all been there at one time or another. she says she is done with debates in this campaign, that's not something that her challenger terry god arrested wants to hear. he's pushing for more debates. >> are you going to agree to more debates? >> no. you know, i've been in -- >> you answered that really fast. >> i did. i've been saying t i don't know why nobody listens. i've been saying it for a long time. >> this just starts the discussion. i think it leaves voters very hungry for more discussion of some of the issues that came out on the
9:40 am
table last night. martha: it's a hot, tens year in these elections and that's just a taste of it. we're going to keep an eye on that race and the runup to the november election, 59 days away now, bill. but who's counting, right? bell bill feels like a brain freeze, right? every day. i can relate. white house press secretary robert gibbs taking to twitter on line and battling it out with a fox news contributor for two hours over one of the top issues facing americans right now. who the person was on the other end, what the topic was, and how the fight ended. martha: stick around for that. it is patriot golf day with former president george bush. >> this is a way for citizens to contribute to a scholarship fund, for children who have lost a parent in combat, or whose parent was severely wounded. martha: it's good to see the president this morning, and bryan kilmey mixing it up with him on the golf course.
9:41 am
we'll hear more from president bush.
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9:44 am
martha: white house press secretary robert gibbs engageing in a war of words with fox news contributor steven hayes, the two of them battled it out, get this, on twitter last night for about two hours of back and forth, very new media, you might say, both of them suggested in a tweet that small business -- a small business bill before congress would not actually improve hiring if they were to pass it. secretary gibbs fired back his response and this is what it looked like, he then linked to an article from usa today that reports that businesses are actually waiting for the bill to pass before they do any hiring, but the fight did not end there, and we're going to show you more of it. richard socaretes is with us, matt lieuist is a conservative khr*upl nis about politics gentlemen, good to have both of you.
9:45 am
i guess this is where we battle things out these days, huh, matt? >> it is. look, first of all, in a way it's cool because you're right, it is so new mediay, but i have to say if a press secretary for the president of a united states is engaging in a twitter battle with a conservative pundit, there's no way the press secretary can win. i mean, by virtue of engageing in that twitter debate, i think it's probably a loser for him. but it is quite interesting, it's a sign of the times. >> you know, i think it was great that he did it. i remember when i worked in the white house which was not that long ago from '93 to '99, that at the beginning of that time, e-mail was new at the white house, and the notion that people sat in front of their computers all day and answered their e-mails right away was pretty revolutionary. so i think it's great. i mean, this is the way we're talking to each other and i'm sure matt has got a twitter account, right? >> you know, it's funny, i do. martha: we all do! let's take a look at this back and forth so everybody can get a better sense of what we're talking about.
9:46 am
let's pull this up, this from the press secretary. you oppose cutting taxes on an -- and increasing loans that are available to small businesses. his comes back no, i'm for tax cuts, cap gains, payroll and income so small business owners can spend their own money rather than seeing loans coming in through the government, then hayes tweeted minutes ago, keeping it going, he said this, does the white house discount temporary census jobs when they boosted employment numbers, so they're still going back this morning after these employment numbers came back about the underlying figures here. but all of this really goes to, richard -- let me go back to you, because the argument here and the reason this is so heated is because the president is about to come out with a plan, right now we've got a jobless recovery, we have a very tough situation going on, the pressure is on the white house, they've been meeting all week, going to come out with a new plan at 10:00. what do you expect we're going to hear? >> i actually think the numbers, the unemployment numbers, even though the actual number ticked up a little bit, that the overall numbers looked pretty good. i think it was actually very
9:47 am
good news for them, that things are not getting worse, they are, in fact, getting slightly better over time. so i think that the numbers today are very encouraging, and i think the market is responding accordingly. i think you'll see today, but probably more importantly, next week, at the president's press conference and his trip to ohio, i believe, next week, unveiling a series of economic packages, they were working late into the evening on it last night, it will include some tax cuts for small business, it will include some additional spending, it will include, you know, a host of things that they're going to try to throw everything at it that they can think of, and what happened, though, in this back and forth with the press secretary, i think, really shows this amazingly politicized environment in which we're having this debate. i really wish we could depoliticize in some way -- >> martha: you know what, i think it does and it doesn't. excuse me for jumping in. the discussion is how to help small business and what it really comes down to is whether or not putting money
9:48 am
back in your pockets, giving them reassurances about how they're going to be taxed in the future, and what they're going to have to pay for health care every time they hire a brand new employee, this really does go to the crux of the issue here about how to fix this economy. matt, your thoughts on that. >> i think you're right. this isn't superficial, this is substantive, this is about the economy. on one hand, conservatives have won. here we have a democratic president, it's not quite bill clinton saying the big era of big government is over but they are talking about tax cuts but the problem is obama is bragging about putting out a splinter in one eye and leaving a mote in the other. what is going to appear is capital gains on businesses only when they're being sold, complicated tax holidays, complicated loan programs that nobody really wants and probably won't ever apply for. meanwhile, they're still proposing the largest tax hike in american history, but at least maybe it's a good sign that maybe obama is trying to -- that's really not the
9:49 am
case, the largest tax cut in history. extending tax cuts for the rich is a bad idea, and that is what we're talking about. when matt says the largest tax increase in history,ry with going to -- >> the people who provide jobs and hire people -- >> it's not a good economic idea. martha: we're going to be talking about it in the weeks to come because it's the hottest topic on the plate now. richard, thank you very much, matt lewis, thanks you guys, good to have you with us. bill: we have president obama coming up, and we'll have reaction on that. warnings and watches along the east coast, earl churning north, we have reports of power outages, 1-2 feet of water covering the roads today. we'll check in with one of the coast guard stations that will be asked to respond if those need their help, so checking in on that in a moment. martha: he's been called america's toughest sheriff and he is now in a tough spot, folks, arizona sheriff joe arpaio calling himself washington's new ripping boy in his words, and wait until
9:50 am
you hear what else he said about the administration. >> i thought we were really close to really getting this thing resolved. [ m now to go into court?
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
bill: in a hurricane, clearly it is dangerous to be on the water but for those boats that cannot make it to safety in time there's a small coast guard team out of massachusetts that is fit and ready to go and ted daniel out of our boston affiliate is with them this morning. here's ted: >> southeast new england,. >> we are reminded every hour on the hour of what lies ahead. >> gale force, possible tropical storm winds from hurricane earl. >> when the weather is at its worst, coast guard station merrimac river in new berry port has to be at its best.
9:54 am
this is one of only 20 coast guard surf stations in the country, meaning they specialize in bad weather and big waves. >> it can be scary, and to try and do a rescue in those seas is more scary. that's why we train so that our crews are proficient at what we need to do, when we do get called into a case like that. >> reporter: the main concern for this station, the area where the merrimac river meets the atlantic,ness, the north shore is expected to be spared the worst of the storm but spared may be a relative term. >> to go out into it, it's a big adrenaline rush but we're well trained to do it. >> with so much adtranswarning the coast guard hopes boaters and swimmers will stay off and out of the water. regardless, they say they are ready and waiting for whatever earl may bring. >> should things get a little bit crazy around here, we are fully escapable. bill: indeed they are. wow. amazing pictures, too.
9:55 am
risky adventure. they will have a busy weekend. we have earl covered, as it moves up the coast. more for you on that at the top of the hour here. where's that? that's nagshead, north carolina. wow. martha: folks, it's called the campaign ad of the day, these are getting pretty interesting out there. this one mixes jurassic park with the crocodile hunter, republican eric wargotz, facing incumbent barbara mcculsky of maryland. take a listen. >> rising taxes, slamming washington with exotic sources like harry reid, nancy pelosi. a citizen just like you, eric wargotz have been taking on people that have been in d.c. too long.
9:56 am
martha: my gosh. did you see that? that was barbara mcculsky and harry reid's heads attached to dinosaurs, and then he comes in as the crocodile hunter, and he's challenging barbara mcculsky. we're going to be looking at these over the next 59 days and pull out the funniest ones we can find. bill: his name is wargotz? that's unique. march let's get out a bumper sticker! bill: president obama speaks in the rose garden in only moments. the uptick in the unemployment rate, he talks about jobs, also, new reaction to that report from the house republicans. mike pence will react to president obama, both coming up here in a matter of moments. and -- >> martha: well, it's about to give a lot of places a big lashing as the oceans churn out there. we have our eyes on hurricane earl up and down
9:57 am
the east coast. do not look away from this guy, folks. he's got more in story. it's a category two, imagine 100 miles an hour coming at you. right after this break. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:58 am
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call this toll-free number on your screen now... for this free information kit, including this... medicare guide and customized rate quote. martha: breaking news on two, big, big stories, right now, folks. earl is a category-2 hurricane. winds topping 100 miles per hour. you do not want to get in the way of this one and it is chewing up this shores of the mid-atlantic, heading north, forcing folks across new england to hunker down, off to the right, a live look at the white house, seconds away from a live address from the commander-in-chief in the wake of a troubling new jobs report that came out this morning, we have a lot going on on this friday, i'm glad you are here, i'm martha maccallum. bill: good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. president obama will talk about brand new jobs numbers out and what his administration hopes to do about jobs in america, unemployment now, up a tenth of
10:01 am
a point and 9.6%, based on the new numbers that came out. martha: and over to major garrett live at the white house this morning, and, major what is the reaction from there about the jobs report? >> reporter: well, it's not as bad as it could have been and that is really where the white house finds itself, this morning, martha and bill. it's not good news, not at all, not with the administration before the $864 billion stimulus program passed by congress predicted if the money was spent by the federal government, unemployment would refer nize above 8% and 9.6% is bad news indeed particularly close to the midterm elections an economists say this private sector is still creating jobs, a small number of jobs, but the jobs report did not have what the white house most feared, a negative or a look of job creation, entirely in the private sector, and, it should, for at least a month or two, keep the idea or the notion of the conversation of a double dip recession at bay. and that gives the white house some degree of breathing room but that is only as a matter of economics. the white house has little or no breathing room when it comes to
10:02 am
the politics of the midterm elections and almost universal voter anxiety about the trajectory of the economy. it's not growing nearly as fast as it was the fourth quarter of last year or the first quarter of this year and the growth is decelerating, which is causing more people to think am i going to get a job or keep the one i have and those kinds of anxieties don't play well for a majority party heading toward a midterm election. martha: we've heard about the white house is trying to get a bill or plan together to make things look slightly better for them as they head into the midterms. >> there are two factions in the white house, right now, economists and political message managers. the political message managers know the president and the democratic party is not going to be very well suited going into the midterm election saying what it said so far about the economy. they want something else to talk about, another package from the president. doesn't matter to them, necessarily, if congress passes it, but something new and some ways sounding more bold to talk
10:03 am
about on the economic front, the economists say, look, we have limited tools in our toolbox, and even if we propose something and congress doesn't pass it we'll look weaker, and, the economy is not going to change very much based on what either congress does, or doesn't do. and we have a huge logjam there and we should ride it out and the president will have to sort those various factions out and come up with a plan and will have a press conference at the white house next friday and when congress returns in the middle of september we are told there will be some proposal from the president, will be a huge second stimulus? we know obviously it won't be that, it will be something smaller, but the fact is congress is only going to be in town 2-3 more weeks and if you propose something only to see the founder in congress, therefore, reinforcing the fact you can propose, with congress though it is told by your own party will not move for you, this is a tough situation politically and economically and the white house knows it. martha: rock and a hard place, major, i said, good-bye to you yesterday, but speaking of rocks, you have been our rock at the white house, and we have
10:04 am
loved working with you over these years and looking forward to what you will do in the future. >> reporter: i wants to say, martha, for a second, thank you to our audience, everywhere i have gone and everywhere i have been they have given me tremendous support and encouragement, i always said, you watch, and i'd always have a job. to our audience, thank you very much. martha: they are e-mailing us and asking about you and they'll be missing you, too. bill: amen, man works a 20 hour day, and never complains. and -- >> and loves it. bill: one of the brightest lights in washington, d.c. we'll see you down the road. john boehner slamming the president over the jobless numbers, playing off the president's campaign promise of change and demanding the administration overhaul the approach and saying, "now it is time for him to change course abandon the job killing policies and find himself a new economic team. we need a congress and white house that will listen to the american people, who are asking,
10:05 am
where are the jobs? and help end the uncertainties for small businesses." john boehner from about 30 minutes ago, martha. martha: you wonder how the markets are reacting to the unemployment news this morning, it ticked up to 9.6%, and dow is responding nicely and as we said, with stuart varney there are internals inside the report that show a pickup in some private business hirings and that is a decent thing to see. a lot to be said about where it is going and we may be seeing anticipation in that's correct about what the president is about to say, and whether or not he's going to get serious about tax cuts. and, that is something that would get the market moving, if indeed that is what we'll hear and he'll be speaking in you a few minutes. bill: the story broke late last night, new information about a bomb scare that shut down part of miami's airport. the fbi questioning a 70-year-old scientist. the fbi and police evacuating 6 concourses and closing off airport roadways, as a safety precaution for hours, overnight. and after a tsa screener spotted
10:06 am
a metal canister in a checked bag that looked like a pipe bomb, they said, no explosives found and the bag is being tested. investigators not identifying the man questioned but, they say, the 70-year-old scientist is cooperating, and so more on that when we get it here and northeast coastline bracing for earl, category-2 storm, 100 to 105 mile-an-hour winds, and whipping past north carolina. and, now outside of virginia. heading up toward new england and emergency coordinators around the long island sound worry earlier storm damage could compounder earl's impact there. >> coastal communities could be impacted even by a relatively minor weather situation. >> we're concerned that winds gusting over 40 miles an hour, out of the northwest could break some of those damaged trees down. bill: could be 40, i mean, at the minimum. you could have a lot of damage
10:07 am
from that intensity and here's a glimpse of earl from outer space courtesy of nasa, what an enormous piece of mother nature that thing is -- has developed into. how are you doing, janice? meteorologist janice dean, what are you seeing, my friend, good morning. >> i want to commend you with your interview with bill reid and you bring up a great point, we are not done with the storm, cape cod and the islands could take a direct hit later on this afternoon from a hurricane and the good news is, for now, the worst of the storm stayed offshore and we have to watch this over the next several hours and the overnight, look at the winds we are getting across cape hatteras. and, the outer banks. over 75 miles-per-hour, 80 miles-per-hour, and that is enough to do pretty big damage especially along those beautiful beaches, we'll be concerned about beach erosion, in the coming days and there's the storm, right now, 105 miles, sustained winds, north-northeast, 18 miles per hour, around 390 miles away from
10:08 am
nantucket and we'll get a new advisory out, just before 11:00, and bring you the latest, and will give us the latest on the storm and the coordinates and we'll get a new track, the complete advisory, hurricane warnings, still in effect, for eastern north carolina as well as of course eastern massachusetts and, this could be the next hit from hurricane earl, not done yet. real quick, here's the path, a category 2, and there is new york, long island and you could get heavy winds, tropical storm force winds and storm surge and heavy rain and there it is, heading into the overnight, guys, cape cod and the islands and as bill and bill both mentioned earlier on, a little wobble and -- in the storm and it could be the difference from a bad storm to a really damaging one and we'll continue to monitor it, here on the fox weather center, i have my sleeping bag here... bill: make sure that is comfortable. >> we're not done yet, guys, we have more storms out there, brewing. bill: thank you, janice, talk to
10:09 am
you later. >> okay, you bet. martha: janice, tell earl to wobble the other way! wobble east! and we have information coming from a trade group that may be having influence on the market here, we are backing off the highs of the morning, up 94 points now and the u.s. trade group says the service sector which is so important in the american economy, expanded for the 8th straight month, in august. the pace of that expansion slowed a little bit, but, still, it is a decent indicator, up 93 points for the dow, 10,400 and change and we'll watch that. bill: he has never been the most popular person in wash but as america's no nonsense sheriff, has he finally pushed the feds a bit too far. >> justice department threw a curve ball at me, a spit ball... whatever you wants to call it. bill: now it is personal, folks. why uncle sam is suing an arizona sheriff. martha: and from the sheriff to
10:10 am
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bill: check this out, nasa wants to go to the sun. it is planning the hottest mission yet. with a journey to the sun, looking to plunge a car-sized spacecraft into the sun's atmosphere. set for launch, 8 years from now, 2018 and it will be fitted with special heat shields, and will need them, too, because the sun's atmosphere is around a million degrees fahrenheit and they want to learn more about solar winds. that is one journey we will not sign up for. martha: and he's one of arizona's most controversial
10:14 am
sheriffs, i think you could say that for sure and now, the sheriff is firing back against the u.s. justice department after the doj filed a lawsuit against the maricopa county sheriff and doj officials say the sheriffs office is refusing to hand over documents as part of their inquiry, that would help federal investigators examine whether or not his department used racial profiling when pursuing illegal immigrants and the sheriff says, he did not see this one coming. >> i didn't realize this is happening. and the justice department threw a curve ball at me -- or a spit ball, whatever you want to call it. i found out about this lawsuit, this somewhat surprises me since we have been cooperating. martha: all right, he says they have been cooperating with the -- and the doj says they have not turned over the documents they asked for, tom dupris oversaw the office of immigration litigation and is familiar with these topics, good to have you here, tom, welcome.
10:15 am
>> great to be here. martha: from what i can make of this the department of justice believes that his department, and he as the sheriff have been committing racial profiling and asked for a bunch of documents and they say he has not turned them over and where do you see this going? >> well, it is interesting, there is no question, this is an extremely unusual step, by the justice department, and a very significant step, and, these types of disputes occur from time-to-time but, usually they are resolved through compromise or negotiations, rather than by finally a federal lawsuit, and asking a judge to determine the outcome. martha: it is interesting because it is arizona and because it is about immigration and we know the doj is also going after the state of arizona, because of the 1070 legislation, that they have been wanting to put through that would allow them to ask people questions about the immigration status when they pull them over or in a similar circumstance, do you think these things are connected . >> there has been a lot of federal attention focused on arizona, for sure and i think what the administration is trying to do at this point is basically to say, the time for
10:16 am
negotiations and compromise is over and it is time to play hard ball and that is why they've now dragged maricopa county and the sheriffs office into federal court and tried to get the documents through negotiations and one would wish maybe they tried to go the extra mile, but now that is where we are where we are and now have asked the federal judge to sort it out. martha: the reason everybody knows the sheriff's name is because he has taken strong actions in terms of illegals and put in a hotline where people can call in if they suspect -- to reported an illegal and had immigration sweeps at businesses that are sort of not really seen in other communities, to the degree they've carried them out there and feel they can a are carrying out the law and that that is their job and what they are supposed to do and the feds are questioning their activities, meanwhile. >> right, and there is no question that the administration has articulated a very different policy vision as far as immigration enforcement than the policies that sheriff arpaio has been putting in --
10:17 am
>> i apologize, we have' president coming forward now to speak about the economy... >> president barack obama:... i know many people across the country are concerned about what the future holds for themselves and for their families and the economy as a whole. as i have said from the start, there is no quick fix to the worst recession we have experienced since the great depression. the hard truth is, is that it took years to create our currents economic problems. and, will take more time than any of us would like to repair the damage. millions of our neighbors are living with that painfully, every day. but i want all americans to remind themselves, there are better days ahead. even after this economic crisis, our markets remain the most dynamic in the world, our workers are still the most productive, and we remain the global leader, in innovation and in discovery, and in
10:18 am
entrepreneurship. and the month i took office we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. this morning, new figures show the economy produced 67,000 private sector jobs in august. the 8th consecutive month of private job growth. addition, the numbers for july were revised upward to 170,000. and that is positive news. and reflects the steps we have already taken to break the back of this recession. but it's not nearly good enough. that's why we need to take further steps to create jobs and keep the economy growing including extending tax cuts for the middle class and investing in the areas of our economy where potential for job growth is greatest and in the weeks ahead i'll discuss these ideas in more detail but one thing we also have to do, right now, one thing we have a responsibility to do, right now, is to lift up
10:19 am
our small businesses. which accounted for over 60% of job losses in the final months of last year. that is why, once again i'm calling ton congress to passing the small business jobs bill its first order of business when it gets back into session later this month. here is why this is owe important: up until this past may we were not only waiving fees for entrepreneurs who took out small business administration loans we were encouraging more communities banks to make loans to responsible business owners. these steps are part of the reason about 70,000 new small business administration loans have been approved since i took office. and i thank karen mills for the outstanding job she has been doing as administrator of the small business administration. we have also been extending, fighting to extend the loan enhancements with a small business jobs bill, a bill that will more than double the amount some small business owners can
10:20 am
borrow, to grow their companies. it will completely eliminate capital gains taxes on key investments, so small business owners can buy new equipment and expand. and will accelerate $55 billion in tax cuts, for businesses large and small, that make job creating investments in the next 14 months. and, keep in mind, it is paid for. it will not add one dime to our deficit. so, put simply, this piece of legislation is good for workers, it is good for small business people, it is good for our economy. and, yet, republicans in the senate have blocked the bill. a needless delay that has led small business owners across this country to put off hiring, put off expanding and put off plans that will make our economy stronger. i have repeated since i ran for office, there is no silver bullet that is going to solve all of our economic problems
10:21 am
overnight. but, there are certain steps that we know will make a meaningful difference for small business men and women. who are the primary drivers of job creation. there are certain measures that we know will advance our recovery. this small business jobs bill is one of them. and, i'm confidents that if we are willing to put partisanship aside and be the leaders the american people need us be and willing to do what is -- what is best not for the next election but the next generation then we are not only going to see america's hard working families and america's small businesses bounce back, but we'll rebuild america's economy, stronger, than it has been before. thank you very much. >> mr. president... you mentioned... [inaudible]. >> i will be addressing a broader package of ideas, next week. we are confident that we are moving in the right direction. but, we want to keep this
10:22 am
recovery moving stronger, and accelerate the job growth that is needed so desperately across the country. >> how -- mr. president, what about -- >> what do you regret the administration's decision to call this recovery, this summer... >> i don't regret the notion that we are moving forward, but because of the steps we have taken and i'll have a press conference next week where, after you guys are able to hear where we're at, we'll be able to answer some specific questions, but, the key points i'm making, right now, is that the economy is moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created, they are just not being created as fast as they need, to given the big hole that we experienced. and we will have to continue to work with republicans and democrats, to come up with ideas that can further accelerate the job growth and i'm confident we
10:23 am
can do that and the evidence we have seen during the course of the summer and over the course of the last 18 months, indicate that we are moving in the right direction. we just have to speed it up, all right? thank you very much, everybody. >>... mr. president, are you looking... martha: the president will speak to reporters, in full, on friday. and in a news conference and he says between now and then we'll get a better handle on exactly what he has in mind to improve the economy and as you see on the bottom of your screen, the economy created 67,000 private sector jobs in august and the president wants that to be the focus today and says, when he entered office we were losing jobs at 750,000 a clip and that he sees this as at least a move in the positive direction, one of the big emphasis here, clearly will be tax cuts for small businesses, what form they will take and whether they will be research and development, whether they'll be capital gains cuts, how they will affect individual business owners at the higher end of the income spectrum, who, you know, have a big impact on the numbers of jobs in this country and we'll talk about that and learn more
10:24 am
as we move along and there was the thrust of the president's message this morning, moving in the right direction and more to come in terms of what he'll recommend, for small business. bill: two questions, major garrett had one of them, major garrett got in one last question, mike pence, congressman and chairman of the republican conference, reacting to the president, good morning, sir, from indianapolis, today, at least twice he said we're moving in the right direction. is the economy moving the way you want it to move? >> bill, sadly, it's not and i'm coming to you from pittsburgh. we have been traveling across the heartland, my beloved indiana, ohio, yesterday, pittsburgh today, and, what is clear out here, across this country, is that the economic policies of this administration have failed. we heard the president again this morning say there are no quick fixes but, for heaven's sake, bill, they passed the trillion dollar stimulus bill 18 months ago, nearly 15 million americans unemployed, and,
10:25 am
unemployment just went up, the american people don't want another pep talk, they want another approach. and they want to see the administration abandon this policy of more spending, more bailouts, and, more small balled boutique tax incentives and want to come up with new ideas and a new team, and, for heaven sakes, let's at least come together this fall and make sure that no americans see the tax increase on january 1st of 2011. bill: he said two things, extend the middle class tax cuts. >> right. bill: which i'm certain is welcome news to you, we've heard that from many republicans and talked about passing a small business loan package and small businesses help create, 75, 80% of jobs in america. what is wrong with those two ideas? >> well, look, when the president talks about extending middle class tax cuts, what that actually means is that he is reiterating his commitment and his party's commitment to allow taxes to go up, on job creators,
10:26 am
across the country on january 1st. you know, higher taxes don't get people hired and the very idea that with unemployment rising to 9.6%, 15 million americans unemployed, that we'd hear from the president again this morning, surrounded by that same economic team, that he's intending to stand by, their belief that it makes sense to raise taxes on small business owners, and family farmers, just makes no sense and, in terms of this jobs bill, he's talking about, i know he started talking about that the last couple of weeks, when it passed the house, we called it t.a.r.p. 3, you know? it is kind of a small business oriented bank bailout for smaller banks, and, now, i guess he's going to talk about boutique tax cuts in the next week. look, job one is, let's make sure the taxes don't go up on any american in january, and, job 2, let's put our fiscal house in order so we stop crowding out private lending
10:27 am
and, then, let's look for some across-the-board tax relief, to release the inherent, trapped capital in the economy. the same tired stimulus, bailout approach has failed, and it is time the administration owned up to that, and came up with a new approach and a new team and republicans will continue to fight for that. bill: that is both sides now and president obama is -- his economic team there in the rose garden, mike pence the republican out of indiana, out of pittsburgh and these are where the battle lines are being drawn on the economy today 60 days we from midterm election and if you take control of the house we'll see what kind of an impact that could have on economic policy as we dawn a new day in january 2011, mike pence thanks for your time, both side, 20 minute past the hour, reacting to the jobs numbers, that, frankly, no one is happy with. martha: no. bill: no one is satisfied, you heard the president say there were positive signs out there, a few, but, for those who have been out of work for a year, 18
10:28 am
months, some people have been out looking for a job for two years, that is small compensation for those americans today. martha: try and look on the bright side and you have to do that, but you have to ask yourself, if what you are doing is working and that is what they'll do and talk about over the coming week and, today, what we are talking about is hurricane earl, which is still pounding the east coast of this country, poses a threat, a fairly large threat to major parts of new england, and that could be the next stop for hurricane earl. bill: look at the size of those waves. i mean, that is a surf, right? that purse was not my purse, martha! it wasn't me. martha: oh, boy! bill: the tweets defense! purse is a curse. martha: look at that strut. jaguar platinum coverage is not just a warranty.
10:29 am
it's aelief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match.
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bill: breezy friday, news day here, top stories in a moment, $8 billion, bp's saying that is the total cost of the gulf oil disaster, and, as authorities ease restrictions on shrimping and fishing and that is welcome news and major recall for kia motors, the south korean automaker, bringing back thousands of vehicles, because of fire hazard affecting the models sold worldwide and fire crews shutting down elementary
10:33 am
schools, southern california as a precaution, brush fire outside san diego. look at that burn on the hill. smoke, sky-high. firefighters now trying to protect the nearby ranch from those flames, top stories, in a moment. martha: today is the day for earl and folks along the northeast coast and mid-atlantic watching this one as it continues to move up the coastline, category-2, 105 miles per hour, and whipping past north carolina's coastline this morning, as it swirls toward new england and you can see it there, craig boswell, in nags head, north carolina. >> reporter: good morning to you, and what an interesting morning it has been as hurricane earl grazed along nations head, north carolina where we are, rushing up against the -- brushing up against the outer banks, bringing with it angry surf, bringing plenty of rain and rain has slowed, right now, and there has been tropical storm-force winds all morning long, and hurricane-force wind gusts, and we're hanging on now, in case any of those gusts are -- roll across the deck we are
10:34 am
on here, at nags head, north carolina. we are getting some reports of flooding around hatteras island and a couple of feet of water around hatteras village and, officials evacuating residents and visitors, off the island and 1700 people without power, not the widespread power outages you get with hurricanes, that is also encouraging news and highway 12, in this area around the outer banks, we are getting some reports of shingles off houses, siding off houses ain't could be worse if the hurricane threatened and downgraded in strength and didn't come ashore and now is moving on up and everyone is glad to see it gone and it put a crimp in holiday weekend plans and maybe those people can come back and spend a nice weekend as the storm moves out and the sun this lurshould
10:35 am
later this evening, or sometime tomorrow. martha: craig boswell, it keeps going. bill: and north, in fact, hurricane earl is moving, heading now toward massachusetts and rhode island, and, david lee miller is live in newport where you find a lot of expensive homes and boats and david lee found a few already. how are things, getting ready there, david lee? >> reporter: hi there, bill, and hello there, earl, a few moments ago, bill, it started to rain, and, it is range at a pretty moderate rate, right now. preparations are complete here for the most part in newport and throughout the state of rhode island. in anticipation of the arrival of this storm. it is expected to brush the coastline of rhode island, over my shoulder, you can see, the harbor here in newport and as you mentioned so rightly there are so many expensive boats here and many have been taken to safer harbor, but those that are still here have been tied down, and they are secured, we are told, by the harbor master and,
10:36 am
just out of camera frame, bill, are two coast guard boats and the coast guard is here in the harbor and are ready to be deployed and with search and rescue if, in fact they are needed. the expectation here, is that there could be about 3 inches of rain, during the storm, winds gusting between 30 and 40 miles per hour. not hurricane force, but, enough to do significant damage. and, as you mentioned, this is a very popular location, with tourists, and most of them that we talked with, seem to want to ride this thing out, it is a fast moving storm and they expect, bill, and this is perhaps one of the most incredible parts of the story, by this time tomorrow the sun will be out and people are bracing for not a hurricane, but, a great labor day weekend. bill: i imagine there is a fair amount of confidence based on the live picture you showed us, given the number of boat owners who made the decision to leave their boats in the water.
10:37 am
>> reporter: well, a significant number, i'm told, have in fact taken their boats to other locations, that are considered safer but you are right, there are many boats that are still here and they've removed the dinghies and the sails are down and the boats have been prepped for a storm. maybe people here are still taking the threat of tropical storm winds here, very, very seriously, especially if you do own one of these very expensive boats. bill. bill: david lee miller in newport, rhode island, hang on out there, it is coming your way. martha. martha: here's something rare, former president george w. bush teeing off in a round of golf, to raise money for military veterans, this time. >> i am the chairman of the patriot's day golf and i'm honored to be so. first i'd like -- i like to play golf, and, secondly, i admire our best and their families, and, this is a way for citizens to contribute to a scholarship fund for american who have lost a parent in combat, or whose
10:38 am
parent was severely wounded. martha: this is all for patriot golf day, a noble cause, and you can be part of this. if you want to donate to the families who have lost someone, in afghanistan, or iraq, you can do that, go to and proceeds go to help the really worthy cause, a special events they had and brian kilmeade got to be part of it and we go on his radio show, every wednesday and he was nervous. bill: he had a bag of calloway golf clubs and it was the size of the trunk of your car. martha: he tried to take it home. bill: i wish i could. martha: try to slip out a driver on the way out. bill: brian got lessons every day at the country club in connecticut. martha: good job, jealous, bill is so jealous. bill: i am, i admit that. good to see the president. that is a rare moment annual see a lot of him in the fall when the book comes out.
10:39 am
martha: november. bill: november, yeah, i was jealous. martha: hope brian is doing okay. bill: i think he's doing a-o.k. martha: i'm sure he's doing great. bill: tennis not exactly the same ground you find at an eagle's game at philly, i did not write this, philadelphia, unless you are talk about the hard clay court in gotham city, did you see the tape down in the stands, center court. martha: you have to see that. and remember, the picture? oj said there is no way he'd wear the bruno magli shoes, and matching footprints were found at the time and he didn't have a deal with the internet, a whole different crime today, can paris pull off the cocaine charges and the purse, was it hers or not? what has surfaced. we'll tell you. ring ring. progresso. why does it say box tops for education on your soup? oh, it's a program that raises money for schools. that's great, but this is a can. ye it is.
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10:43 am
game of polite applause, 30 love, 40 love? from the u.s. open in queens, new york a heated argument turneden to a full-fledged brawl. only in new york! martha: whoa! bill: after heated words, the elderly couple, got into it with the younger man, said to be in his 20s and the older guy goes for the slap and they both tumble down and witnesses say the 20-year-old, the 20 something kid apparently, was using profanity that was filled with a lot of words we wouldn't have used... and he was told to shut his trap, on numerous occasions and, that is what you get. and that was not yankee stadium, that was the u.s. open in queens, not city field for the mets, that was the u.s. open in queens. martha? martha: a long way from the -- >> that was not wimbledon. martha: a long way from the u.s. open, i'll tell you that! you shouldn't swear, there are kids around, i don't like that,
10:44 am
either, good for them for standing up for it. now we'll move on to another classy story, paris hilton denying that a put packing cocaine actually belonged to her and the las vegas police arrested forefor drug possession after smelling marijuana coming from the car and on the left you can see the bag that she was caught with, okay? and this is getting a little tricky. the tabloids now have dredged up an old tweet that shows paris bragging about a strikingly similar purse back in july. that she said she bought, love my purse, she said, my new chanel purse, i got it today, it comes back to bite you, and who better than artie and joey to talk to us about that, and joey jackson is a former prosecutor and she says the purse was not hers and you will defend her, arthur! >> as a criminal defense attorney that is now the -- the defense will not be that, with it be, the cops say they smelled
10:45 am
marijuana and looked in the car and when she opened her purse a packet of cocaine happened to pop out and pop right into the hands of the police officer. martha: come on! >> and, search and seizure, you are telling me you open your purse and the cocaine jumps out an lands in this -- >> not mine, i'll tell you that, maybe paris hilton. >> there will be legal issues about the search and method of the search and whether they had any right to find this cocaine and you are talking bioabout a minuscule, clearly a user amount, and she'll enter a program for a couple of days and whatever... martha: she said, oh, the purse was not mine, some of the stuff in the purse was mine, but then, joey... >> earrings... martha: a similar purse we showed you, on air, you know, i mean, i guess, you start to put all of these things together and cumulatively, the judge has to look at this particular incident
10:46 am
and what will he do. >> listen to me, okay. martha: we are listening. >> this is why we exercise our right to the remain silent, all right, and we don't say things like, you know, it wasn't my purse, there are two in the world but it's not your purse, whatever you say. martha: and who says that, who -- i want to know -- >> and, who has a $3500 purse, hanging out at a party and the fact of the matter -- no, she doesn't and the fact of the matter is, martha they'll look at this, a possession case and doesn't matter whose purse it was, she possessed it at that time and had the cocaine in it, at that time, and it's not going to be a pretty sight. she's -- >> what about the search and seizure, bro? martha: what will she get. >> that is why i love you, because -- >> the only argument you have is pretext -- >> look -- the law and the law. we are talking about the law. >> if the search is no good you cannot get around it. >> the constitution of the united states, guys like washington and jefferson, they thought that might be a little -- >> i haven't heard side argue at
10:47 am
all that there was anything wrong at all with the search and -- >> you haven't heard from her lawyers, you are only hearing from her and if you read the facts it says the cocaine jumped out of the bag and landed in the hand of the cop, all the cases you have done, have you heard that. >> no, and that is frankly their strongest argument and they will argue suppression, the cop smelled marijuana and i stopped the car, it made an illegal turn. martha: it is hard to smell marijuana coming out of a car, it must have been a lot, so, perhaps... >> hold on, but, they don't find marijuana. martha: right. >> hello? your honor. martha: your honor -- the defense. >> what do you do, you smoke it, don't you. >> they didn't find any r recommend nantz. martha: what will -- remnants. martha: what will she get. >> drug rehab, she's clearly a
10:48 am
user and she's not dealing it. martha: it is illegal. she is not allowed to have it in her pers. >> she has an addiction and needs to be treated. >> she has a-a rap sheet like an encyclopedia, and, every time you turn around and she gets in trouble. >> yes, she did, whatever, 30 days -- >> it is nothing, nothing, nothing. arthur! thank you, gentlemen, thank you, gentlemen. all right, joey jackson. bill: she might get probation, probation. >> but, wait -- >> and the ground, the grounds for probation, you could say we want you to do rehab, probation officers can tell you what they want you to know. martha: everybody goes to rehab. >> it was not my purse! rehab. bill: what will hurricane earl do now, we have reporters up and down the east coast standing by. you'll see them in a matter of moments, watching the storm, category-2, 105 mile-an-hour
10:49 am
winds and the picture will change, soon, back in a moment here on the radar. hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. scount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't gettg discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me yeah, i got carrd away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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bill: a lot of news about the economy. down here on the job hunt and the farm workers of america have found a way for others to find jobs and claudia cowan has the story, what is the hot idea. >> reporter: a controversial idea, good morning, bill, in response to calls to crack down on illegal immigration, the united farm workers of america launched the take our jobs campaign, and critics call this a political stunt, designed to push an open border agenda, but, 0, neithers say they are trying
10:53 am
-- organizers say they are trying to show americans what migrant farm workers do and give anyone who wants to a chance to train for jobs in the field and only a handful of people have taken them up on the offer because of the back breaking labor and difficult working conditions. >> the fact that you will be working out in the hot sun, it will be 1 s00 degrees--- 100° plus and there is no air-conditioning and shade for the workers and they are not willing to tolerate those kinds of conditions. martha: critics argue that is pe perpetuated by the cheap labor and, that would spark competition, to get the toughest farm worker jobs. >> there are no jobs people will not do. there are only wages people will not accepted and if we saw fair wages, with farm workers, we would probably see more americans lining up for these jobs. >> reporter: of course, fair wages could mean significant price hikes for american produce, leaving stores and shoppers to choose between cheap
10:54 am
fruits and vegetables, from south of the border, or higher priced goods, picked by their neighbors. and, in the economy, he says that is no choice at all, but critical ex-insicritics insist small price to pay for securing work. bill: 6 minutes until, martha. martha: folks on the northeast coast are on the move, trying to get out of the way of hurricane earl as it kicks up dangerous waves and rip currents are a big concern as well and where it is headed next, don't look away from this one, folks, it is still packing 100 mile-an-hour winds, and headed towards us, and land, it may be hit be, that is north carolina, where they can say good-bye, earl, at this point! look at that. bill: picture of the day, japan's newest celebrity, oh, yeah! out of tokyo. martha: cute! [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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10:58 am
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quiet rooms, one for silent relaxation, another for a power nap. wake-up tools are included in the corner office, everyone is happier and more productive after a gentle snooze. martha: what's the gentle wake-up tool? i want to know. bill: you will never get away with at -- with that at the fox news channel. martha: some of our morning folks that have to get up at 2:00 in the morning and have to do something at 5:00 in the afternoon, might be good to have a power nap! bill: maybe they're on to something. martha: maybe, an afternoon nap. i wonder what a quiet wake-up tool is, banging you over the head with a frying pan? wake up! bill: stay with us, we have reporters up and down the east coast, trying figure out what this storm is going to do next, 105-mile an hour winds, category two storm. we were talking about this, even if you get 50-mile an hour winds or 60-mile an hour winds, that could take out power in your community for a


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